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Inside-Out ACADEMY is a comprehensive, affordable and flexible coaching program, keeping your personal and professional development on mission.

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What is Inside-Out ACADEMY?

Inside-Out ACADEMY is an online coaching facility, available to anybody who wants to further their coaching journey or to develop their training insights. It is also for those who want to develop a coaching culture or to get a taste of what coaching entails. It is designed to keep you motivated, challenged and accountable and aims to help you connect to a life that you love, in all its different roles and guises.

The ACADEMY acronym stands for -
A    Awareness
C    Challenge
A    Accountability
D    Development
E    Exploration
M    Motivation
Y    YOU

Starting at CHF 60/month
(for 24 months subscription)

How can the Inside-Out ACADEMY Programme help you?

The main principle of coaching is to get you, the Client, to achieve your goals, bridging gaps and developing your own capacity for successful learning and growth along the way. It is about finding clarity, achieving excellence, creating purpose, authenticity and vision until you are ready to move forwards; fully resourced and confident alone. Private coaching ensures consistent, personal and professional support, motivation and the right level of challenge from a professional coach. Trying to continue that journey alone can soon become lonely and it's easy to get stuck. ACADEMY provides a clear, simple and structured development framework that is flexible enough to suit your needs. Additional support is always available should you choose to take advantage of it.

Is Inside-Out ACADEMY right for me?

  • If you have previously had coaching, do you miss having that consistent and supportive sounding board that you had with your Coach?
  • Do you want to try coaching but feel restricted by the cost and/or time commitment of face-to-face coaching?
  • Perhaps time and/or money restraints keep you from continuing your coaching journey or attending other inspirational training courses?


If you answered 'yes' to any of these points, then Inside-Out ACADEMY is absolutely right for you. If you are still unsure, then the Inside-Out ACADEMY programme is so affordable that it makes sense to try it and see for yourself. Whatever your reason, Inside-Out ACADEMY's great structure and support makes it superb value for everyone committed to a personal coaching journey.

What is included in this Inside-Out ACADEMY Subscription?

The ACADEMY programme is an online platform with monthly modules. Each module contains a coaching video from me, Gillian, where I explain the module’s coaching content in detail. Each themed module is packed with coaching tools and practical resources designed to motivate, challenge and support you step by step on your coaching journey.

Inside-Out ACADEMY subscriptions are flexible and affordable. Pay monthly or save even more money with discounted, multi-module packages that reward you for staying on your coaching journey. Benefit from a special, members only, face-to-face coaching hour fee with me, Gillian. I am here for you should you find yourself needing extra support to confidently get over any sticking points that come up for you throughout your ACADEMY Journey.

Face-to-Face with Gillian

As part of the Inside-Out ACADEMY programme you are entitled to special discounted rates for a face-to-face session with me.

Invest in yourself and take the first step towards discovering the best, most authentic version of you

Frequently Asked Questions

As long as you want it to! The programme is designed to be affordable and manageable enough to work into your daily life and keep you developing authentically and confidently, both personally and professionally.

I will personally answer any simple questions via our Q&A chat. If your question is more complex and you would like to be coached face-to-face, then I am here for that too. Simply request a face-to-face session and benefit from the priority Inside-Out ACADEMY hourly rate for our time together.

No! Naturally, working personally with a coach delivers more value. Face-to-face coaching means that exploration and reflection is guided by a professional and highly trained coach. You are paying for their expertise and time and this is why private coaching costs more. However, as a professional coach and coach supervisor and with the experience of coaching many clients, I have designed Inside-Out ACADEMY as the next best thing, especially if you use it in collaboration with a coach, mentor or MBA/Leadership training and other team building courses.

There is a saying that, “We can find a tiny splinter in the eye of others, yet we can’t see the log in our own”, so if you find yourself stuck at some point in the programme and in need of the professional mirror or sounding board that you can only get from working directly with a professional coach, contact me to arrange a special discounted face-to-face session. Alternatively, do not forget to check-in with your peers in the Community platform.

An Inside-Out ACADEMY subscription costs CHF 100 per month or alternatively select a longer term package to receive a special discount to reward your coaching journey commitment.

Monthly CHF 100

3 month package – 5% CHF 285

6 month package – 10% CHF 540

12 month package – 25% CHF 900

24 month package – 40% CHF 1440 (CHF 60 per month)

Discounted packages of 3 months or more must be paid in advance and are non-refundable once access has been granted to Inside-Out ACADEMY’s tools and resources.

You can choose to stop working through the Inside-Out Coaching ACADEMY Modules at any time. A monthly subscription can be terminated at the end of each calendar month. Discounted package subscriptions cannot be terminated. We do not issue refunds. This means that discounted package Modules will still be accessible to you for the duration of your coaching package whether you choose to work with them or not.

Here is a link to our Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email.